Ceramic Knitting Bowl (A first try at playing with ceramics!)
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Went for a beginner 2-session ceramic class to have an idea of how hand building works, together with using the manual potter's wheel. There were 3 students in our small group, and we were taught how to make a basic bowl.

Had a last minute eureka moment when I decided to change up the basic bowl into a knitting bowl by adding a hole by the side. The piece was left to dry and then bisque fired, before we went down for the second session of sanding and glazing.

I chose 3 different colors (turquoise, light blue and dark blue), going for an almost ombre look. I had to paint the glazes on instead of dipping, which wasn't such a good idea for me as a beginner.. My glazes turned out quite uneven, but the colors still look cool!


  • In the process of drying prior to bisque firing.

    7 years ago

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