Dollar Store Frame Makeovers
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Up-style flimsy dollar store frames into bold, colorful statement pieces for your walls!  Watch the short video tutorial here:


  • Stuff You'll Need
    Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paint
    Dollar Store Frames
    Household Wax
    Recycled Cardboard
    White Glue
    Craft Knife

    5 years ago
  • Here's how:
    1.  Cut a wide cardboard mat that fits inside the frame
    *Use the frame's cardboard as a pattern
    2.  Cut long 1/4" wide strips of cardboard 
    3.  Create your design on the mat, making sure that you leave about 1/4" around the edges
    4.  Glue the strips to the mat and then glue the mat inside the frame
    5.  Paint base color of chalky finish
    *This color will peek through the main color
    6.  Rub household wax on the painted frame when it's dry
    7.  Paint the frame with the final color of Americana Decor Chalky Finish
    8.  When dry, lightly sand the areas where you waxed to expose the first color
    *This will give it an aged, vintage look

    5 years ago
  • On the fence!

    5 years ago

Discussion 1

  • Alice LaMorte commented 5 years ago

    What about the glass? I'm an artist and I would like to paint something and sell it in one of these cool frames- IMAGINE the PROFIT I'D MAKE!!!!!! But, no one will want to buy if there's no glass...Alice


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