Euler bra and Delphine thong
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Recently a friend was lamenting the lack of cool lingerie that covered the tummy and yet still looked youthful. Naturally I knew I could sew a solution and because it was for a friend I knew I’d make her a matching set.

The Euler bra by Sophie Hines was an obvious choice as I’ve made it before and the shape is so modern it automatically makes any set look very contemporary.

It also gave me a good excuse to buy the Delphine high waist thong by Ohhh Lulu  I’d seen it on instagram and liked the shape, plus I thought it would fulfill the covered tummy option my friend wanted.

The Euler went together with no problems at all, I did add a touch of lace trim to the cup seam just to make it match the knickers a little more. The fabric is a sensitive jersey from Pitt Trading. Elastics and trims from my stash.

Delphine was easy to sew once I checked the instructions! I went with the added lace covered back and initially had the thong pinned in the wrong section. That looked odd so I checked the instructions, realised my mistake and once I had it attached in the right place it all went together well. It really is a lovely pattern and I was so pleased with how  they look.

I really like the lace across the back and think its super flattering as well as a great way to use up smaller lace leftovers or splash out on a small amount of a very fancy lace.

Pattern: Euler bra by Sophie Hines and Delphine Thong by Ohhh Lulu

Fabric: burgundy sensitive Lycra from Pitt Trading, lace from Pitt Trading, elastics and trims from my stash

Alterations: added lace to cup seam of Euler Bra


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