Make yourself some Halloween eye poms! All you need are some scraps of wool to complete these cut little eye poms to hang as decorations or to hide in the sweet bowl.

Step 1: Make some doughnut rings out of cardboard.

Step 2: Wrap black wool around a small portion of the cardboard to make the pupil.

Step 3: Wrap a coloured wool around the black to make the iris.

Step 4: Cover everything in lots of white wool.

Step 5: Cut the wool all the way around the cardboard doughnuts and tie a piece of wool between them to secure the threads.

Step 6: slip of the cardboard doughnuts and eye up your eye! 

For full details and pictures visit here. Happy Halloween!

Discussion 1

  • Nora commented 6 years ago

    This is so genius. I love it. Also helps to understand how one in general can try some color combos. Great inspiration.


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