Lasercut hearts
by Tante Karlo Follow

So, when I was Pinteresting, I came by jewelry from Tatty Devine.
I love (most of) their jewelry, but so crazy expensive! 

DIY-girl as I am, I went searching on how I could make them myself. I stumbled upon something called a FabLab, which is like an Open Source-hardware community. There was one in my city, and since I'm a college student, it was free! 

So I (ahum, my boyfriend) made a design in Illustator, and I went (a little nervous) to the FabLab, where I Lasercut the design.

I'm so so so happy with the result! It's made out of 3mm Perplex.

Excited for more!

You can download the illustrator-file here:

Check at you local Fab Lab what file format they want :)

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