Miller Mini Improv
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  • Sophie Crespy commented 7 years ago

    HI Adrienne! I love this quilt and all your other projects!! could you help me with one quilting detail: when you quilt with straight lines: do you always quilt in the same dierection or do you alternate??I mean do you always start your lines on the same side of the quilt or do you turn around when you get to the end of a line and go back the other way?.  I am wondering what creates less puckers on the top?thank you for your help

    Adrienne Klenck replied 7 years ago

    Hi Sophie - yes that is it exactly, I alternate directions this makes less "pressure" going one way or the other and cuts down on puckering. I also use a Walking foot which really helps, and I turn down the gas on my machine, and by that I mean I have a speed dial and I turn that down so that I won't go too fast, this help the fabric feed more evenly and keeps my stiches even. Patience, patience, patience :) Thanks for checking out my projects :)

    Sophie Crespy replied 7 years ago



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