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I made these adorable little dungarees for my baby niece! I remember seeing the ones Ingrid made months ago and I loved them, so I made a mental note to make ones for my niece as well. The smallest size is for 6 months old so she won't be able to wear them for another, well six months :) But I had to, they're just so cute!

The pattern is free download from Love Sewing magazine. Sewing instructions are very well  written and I love the finish, but as far as the PDF pattern itself is concerned I had a lot of problems. There's no test square on the pattern nor any instructions for scaling so I printed it with same scaling as I usually do for all PDF patterns, but I guess I did something wrong. All pieces were off and yoke facings were considerably smaller - so much that I can't believe they'll be ok even if I printed it in different scaling! I had to do a lot of adjusting to make the pieces for front and back match to each other, and I drew the whole new pieces for yoke facings on my own. I do hope I didn't mess the proportions in the process, I guess we'll see in six months :)
If you're thinking about trying this pattern I suggest to try and contact Love Sewing for some info and clarifications on printing adjustments. That's what I'm going to do if I make them again!

Also, I made little hand embroidered labels! Basically what they say  is My aunt made it :)


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