Push up bra and Strapless bra
by Novita Estiti Follow

A couple of bras in basic flesh color. The pattern for the push up bra is Merckwaerdigh PBH30 and the strapless bra is Merckwawrdigh STRAp4. I altered both patterns to be longline.

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  • TheMissLinds commented 9 years ago

    seriously impressive and beautifully executed. 

  • Sew4my3 commented 9 years ago

    Undergarments can make or break an outfit and I am so thrilled that you are tackleing this area of garments. Please continue to make us women look beautiful in all of our garments with your helpful talent! 

  • Nora commented 9 years ago

    Amazing. You are so so talented. I have yet to try under garments, am a bit scared... :)

  • vvonder commented 9 years ago

    Wow, this is so practical yet so sweet! Looks so well crafted, so amazing that you can make things in this level!

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