Well, I did it! I made my first pair of shoes. Are they perfect? No! But do they kinda look like shoes? Hell yes! I have a lot to learn, but for my first pair I just went with my basic sewist instinct. How would a sewer make shoes? For me it was a logical place to start, and I learned a lot along the way.

There's a recap below, and full supplies list and resources at MadebyMeg.


  • 1.Cut pattern pieces.

    2. Apply interfacing to the wrong side of the shoe outer. Fuse or glue toe puff and heel stiffener in place on top of interfacing. 

    3. If desired, sew additional felt stiffener on top of the lining.

    4. Sew heel darts in outer and lining. Clip seam allowance of dart.

    4 years ago
  • 5. Sew lining to outer along top edge. Trim and notch seams and turn to right side.

    6. Open up lining and outer and sew side seam together in one continuous seam (lining and outer). Notch seams.

    7. Sew lining to insole, right sides together (seam facing outside of shoe). Leave outer free.

    8. Try shoe on for fit, even though only the lining is sewn in. Then trim seam allowance around insole to 1/8".

    4 years ago
  • 9. Sew gathering stitches at toe and heel, about 3/8" from edge.

    10. Put last in shoe. Apply light coat of fabric glue between lining and outer and press together.

    11. Pull gathering stitches to warp outer around bottom of insole. Glue outer to bottom of insole. 

    12. Glue on the sole and heel to the insole, covering fabric. I think you are also supposed to sand the heel flush with the sole at this point.

    4 years ago

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