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my latest addiction is chunky tunisian this time i used t-shirt yarn and a 25mm hook-needle (in fact i dont have such a big hook but i managed to use my knitting needle as a hook....). Its a simple and easy crop top, perfect as a summer-pre_autumn project. ;)

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  • Nora commented 7 years ago

    Oh wow, this is so cool. I just bought white T-Shirt yarn. Which pattern did you use?

    kneema replied 7 years ago

    great Nora!I used Tunisian Simple Stitch (TSS). You can find a tutorial for the stitch here:  but there are many tutorials, you can use whatever you want. There isn't a pattern for the top, i just thought that i could make a rectangular piece with a hole for neck, fold it (almost) in half, sew edges keeping space for the armholes and that was it. The really great thing in this stitch is that you can easily switch from crocheting to knitting and vice versa because as you will see, while you crochet you keep stitches on the ''afghan'' hook. So,to make the neck_hole i knitted a row, in the next row i knitted some stitches then bind off some stitches for neck, then knitted the remaining stitches. In the next row i kept knitting and also cast on (in the middle of the row) as many stitches i ve binded off previously, so the row has exactly the same stitches as in the begining. You knit one more row (or two, i dont remember well but the crochet stitch requirements will guide you) and then you switch to crochet until the desired length is achieved. i m not experienced in writting patterns, hope that i ve explained it a little...happy stitching, glad you ve liked it, cant wait to see your work ;)

  • TheMissLinds commented 7 years ago

    love this! textures and colors are so cool!

    kneema replied 7 years ago

    thank you!!glad you like it!;)

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