Wool Kielo Dress
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Oh boy do I have a fun project to share today. Just look at this dress!!

It’s certainly not your run of the mill garment, but I’m having so much fun wearing it around Boston. For some reason I’ve always been more courageous in dressing than other aspects of my life. I think sewing and the almost absolute freedom to create any garment has been a big part of that. Despite being quite shy around classmates back in high school,  I didn’t seem to have any problem prancing down the hall in a backless halter dress. How was I allowed to wear such a thing out of the house let alone not be kicked out of class I have no idea! However it happened and I still have the lime green Vogue 9668 view B to prove it. I’ve kept that me-made as an heirloom.

When I was planning this project I was in search of a pattern with a high neck and narrow silhouette that I could add chunky ties to at the side seam. I found one better though because the Kielo wrap dress pattern by Named had all these features plus wrap ties already drafted. Win. I’d planned to buy fabric more true to the original inspiration, but then I saw this gorgeous loose weave wool while shopping at Mill Ends and plans changed.

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  • Millie commented 7 years ago

    Too wonderful for words!

  • Sara Berkes commented 7 years ago


  • Anna Sergeeva commented 7 years ago

    Too cute! Great interpretation of the pattern + the Celine inspiration!

  • TheMissLinds commented 7 years ago

    hi i'm hyperventilating over here. PERFECTION!

    Katy & Laney replied 7 years ago

    Thanks! :) I feel pretty spiffy running around town in it.

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