Autumn Vine Scarf Pattern
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The feeling of Autumn arriving is always an exciting one for me, there is a change in the air and before you know it you’re surrounded by beautiful colours and have the crunch of leaves beneath your feet.  It also signals the time to bring out all the wonderful knits that have been packed away all summer!  This new scarf is inspired by this change and features wonderful stepped edges that have a real impact.  The overall V-shape makes it versatile as it can be worn around the shoulders or wrapped around for more warmth, it can also be made longer and wider by adding extra pattern rows in the central section.  The shape is helped by the use of a beautiful reversible stitch that makes the scarf lie flat and moulds around you perfectly!

Difficulty: Intermediate

Length: 152cm/ 60ins
Width at widest point: 34cm/ 13.5ins

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