Merry Go Round Toque
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I had quite a pile of lovely Brooklyn Tweed’s Shelter in my yarn stash and had a hankering to work some stripes. This hat is the result! Merry-go-round is a perfectly slouchy hat, with a unique-looking top. If you hate making decreases, this is the hat for you—instead of decreasing to create the shape at the top, the toque is worked even all the way to the end, then the corners are brought in to create the boxy top. The stripes meet up at the crown to create a rectangular effect. This pattern has sizes for the whole family, so you can easily use up a bunch of yarn by making toques for everyone, from toddler to adult!

Approximately 150/160/170/185/200 yds per hat of Brooklyn Tweed Shelter (or substitute a worsted weight yarn of your choice, matching gauge). The colors used in this hat:

MC: Pumpernickel
CCs: Cinnabar, Wool Socks, Hayloft, Tent, Tartan, Plume, Foothills, Old World, Postcard, Cast Iron, Artifact


3.5 mm double-pointed needles
4.5 mm double-pointed needles

With larger needles and in stockinette, 18 sts. (Row count is not important because you knit to length rather than row count for the body of this hat.)

14/16/18/20/22” circumference (slouchy fit).

Embroidery needle to weave in ends.

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