From Shirt to Dress DIY
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Turn a basic shirt into a cute summer, zip front dress!  Watch the short video tutorial here:


  • Shirt
    1 1/2 yards of fabric
    Sewing machine
    Matching thread
    30" long separating zipper

    7 years ago
  • Cut across the shirt 1" below the waist
    If your shirt has pleats or details, run a stitch along the cut
    Attach two pieces of 30" long fabric together side by side
    *Our fabric was 54" wide so we now have a piece that is 30" x 108"
    Lengthen the stitch and loosen the tension on the machine
    Run a stitch along the fabric about 1/2" from the edge
    Pull the bobbin thread to gather the fabric 

    7 years ago
  • Measure the circumference of the shirt
    Gather the fabric to this length and add 2"
    Stitch the gathered fabric and the shirt together (right sides together)
    Fold the extra one inch over the end of the shirt and stitch
    *This will give you a finished edge
    Press and then pin the zipper to the front of the dress face down starting at the collar

    7 years ago
  • Stitch on the zipper
    *I purposely did not use a zipper foot because I wanted some of the zipper to show
    Hand tack the end of the zipper down at the neck
    Turn the fabric 1/4" twice and hem

    7 years ago

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