Knitting 1: The Garter Stitch
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A simple way to create the garter stitch, which means you use the knit stitch for every row, creating a horizontal ridge pattern. 


Making a Slip Knot

Slip Knot

Every knitting project starts with a slip knot before you cast on stitches. Learn how in less...

Casting On

Cast On a Needle

Once you made a slip knot, you need to cast the yarn on the needle. This video shows how!Many...

The US Style Knit Stitch

Knit Stitch

You only need two basic stitches to make almost any knitting project: knit and purl. Watch...

The Continental Knit Stitch

Continental Knit Stitch

Yes, there are actually different ways to make a knit stitch, US style and continental are...

Binding Off

Bind Off or Cast Off

When you're done with your knitted piece, you'll need to finish the edges. This video will show...

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