Choosing a Lining Fabric for your Swimsuit
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Wondering about how to find a good lining? Or if you should be lining your suit at all? I'm happy to answer any questions you have in the comments. 

I talk about the linings used (and not used) for my vintage bikini

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  • Jennifer Jones Rossotti commented 8 years ago

    Question. Do you know where to get the padded lining used in swim tops to make them more modest? Not talking about foam push-up pads.

  • Terry Brown Springer commented 8 years ago

    I'm replacing the old lining cuz my suit looks new on the outside and I love it for the twice weekly water aerobics classes.  Problem is that I don't know if the lining fabric should be stretching side to side, or up and down.  I know you posted this a while ago, but am hoping you will see this and answer ASAP.  My bra section is floating out without the lining (eek!) and I don't want to miss classes this time of year, have to keep from gaining weight!  Thanks in advance for any suggestions you can give.

    Melissapher replied 8 years ago

    You want to be able to stretch the fabric side to side. 


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