Antionette Pant
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ANTOINETTE PANT: This stylized slouch pant is a great example of the new look in pants. The slanted pleat front cleverly creates a pocket whilst hiding a small inverted pleat allowing this pant to be fashionable yet comfortable.

Pattern measurements based on a size 10:
There is a 5 cm or 2 in circumference grade between the sizes
Waist = 79 cm or 31 in (this pant sits on the waist)
Hip = 104 cm or 41 in
Full crotch length = 69 cm or 27 in
In leg length = 70 cm or 27.5 in
Leg opening = 30 cm or 12 in

FABRIC SUGGESTION & DESCRIPTION: Silk, Crepe, Rayon, or any soft falling fabric


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