The Fielder dress and top is based on a traditional sweatshirt. Imagined in our laundered linen with a matching cotton rib.

This is a multi-size paper pattern in an envelope, including sizes 6 - 18.


It features three quarter length raglan sleeves and inseam side pockets. We have used a cotton elastane 2 by 2 cuffing rib which comfortably stretches by half again. If using an alternative rib, check the stretch on a 10cm measurement. If it stretches less than 15cms, cut with a generous seam allowance (5cm) and to be safe, pin, tack and try on. Pocket bags can be cut in the main fabric or lining. Fabric pictured - Virgin White with white ribbing dyed using navy dylon machine dye (use cotton thread), Sweeps Scrim linen and black ribbing and for the top also Virgin White linen and white rbbing.

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  • Kettle Yarn Co. reviewed 6 years ago

    Simple instructions and beautiful details. I made the top and absolutely love it...dress next!


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